Dedicated to the science, health, production, and
welfare of quality pigs for our customers' success.

Family Farmers Proudly Producing Pork

Professional Swine Management, LLC provides production management and project development to swine producers and is focused on managing all phases of production including breeding, gestation, farrowing, nursery, and finishing. PSM works for over 300 farm families.

The goal of PSM is to optimize all phases of production and to help independent producers remain a vital part of the pork chain. PSM incorporates research through Carthage Innovative Swine Solutions, LLC to optimize performance.

PSM maintains a reference database of more than 16,000 articles, 43,000 images, and numerous electronic articles providing the current information on swine topics. Contact us to research your questions.

Building for the future by working with the present.

PSM has been reading the storybook "Producers, Pigs, and Pork" to elementary schools in West Central Illinois. This is a illustrated story of a boy's visit to a modern swine production facility. Learn more...